Peanut Gallery

(A summer '05 compilation)

1st Generation

The original peanut... Mr. Peanut for a high school senior year calculus project. What's that in his hand? A calculator? I think so.

2nd Generation

College freshman year, Mr. Peanut returns as Goober. Just cuz Goober is a cool name and Goober is peanut. Goober wields a bat. Goober wears glasses.

Goober is an AIM buddy icon.

Goober dons protective gear.

Goober charges up Dragonball Z style.

3rd Generation

This year I get bored in classes and once again Goober occupies my mind. In sociology class with Diana...

She says it looks like Kevin from Sin City... you know, Elijah Wood's character who looks like Harry Potter.

In Finite Element Methods... peanut in action...

floating peanut...

floating peanut a la Matrix...

I know your class notes aren't as cool as this...

Peanut strikes a pose. Nancy says hi.

Peanut kicks some ass.

Peanut suits up...

...and demonstrates some karate chopping action.

~ Fin ~