Kiddie Artwork

(A summer '05 compilation)

I went spelunking in the garage sometime last year and found all my kiddie artwork I did in the drawing class I used to take. I don't remember how old I was. Nontheless, I present you... a series of masterpieces.

Looks like Thanksgiving. Doesn't that look like your family during Thanksgiving? Actually I don't know who those two people are supposed to be. It's not the whole family, that's for sure. (This actually might be my sister's.)

When you imagine the ocean, I know this is what you see. There appears to be a treasure chest full of jellybeans on the right. I'm sure you're fimiliar with the winged fishies and fire-breathing shark from National Geographic or something. Discovery Channel? (This one actually might be my sister's too.)

Ahhh... Christmas. Santa looks a bit clean shaven on this picture. Again, I don't know who the jebus these kids are. I think they're at some Christmas tree lot where some confetti bomb has exploded. And no, I don't know what that little creature is at center bottom.

Oh looky, another Christmas scene. Although this time much more traditional. Santa beardier and moustachier. Actual sprinkles on the tree. Spider hanging from the ceiling. Duck on wheels. Creepy blue-nosed elf. I'm not sure if those are candles or bloody spikes in the fireplace there. Santa seems okay though. Like my runny people on wheels in place of a train set?

Oh this picture is just hot. You remember when you were a kid and you went to a park and there were all sorts of odd things floating in the air and the sky turned into psychedelic stripes? Oooh, and isn't that a happy-lookin' little creature next to the palm tree? Looks ready to burst into flames.

Helicopters are cool. Especially ones with water spilled on them. Hey, check out those colorful exhaust fumes.

Not much to say here. Happy me? Sure. I guess a tube of fruity Lifesavers sprouted limbs and put on a hat.

Let's go camping! Somebody on their bike doesn't look happy. Could it be that creepy blue-faced creature in the foreground scaring him? Perhaps its the scrunchy-lookin' fellow on the right making him feel uncomfortable. Or maybe the strange color fumes from the plane is making him uneasy.

Somebody didn't finish coloring. Wow, what a nose on the center fellow. We got quite some characters skiing here in this scene. I guess that's to be expected when you go to funky-abstract-ski-resort.

Heyyy, I got some sorta ribbon for this one. Score! You gotta admit that dragon kicks @$$. Made of crayons overlapped with marker. More fun characters in this picture. BTW, the lanky blue-eyed fellow on the left is an early ancestor of the characters I draw today. Or at least of a character I used to draw a lot. Now I just draw people. Hm, there's a dog I'd like to own...

Ooh, it's one of my violent pictures. C'mon, I know there was at least a stage in your life when you thought violence was cool. Heheh. That's actually a baby on the upper left shooting lasers at everyone. And yes, that's the terminator in the lower right... holding one of those pipe bomb thingies from The Terminator movie. I got the domey spacecraft with smoke poofs from a comic drawing book. You'll also notice the helicopter at top center appears to be solar powered. That's how they did it in the old days... hook the jumper cables onto the rays of the sun.

Of course the best for last. Now this movie doesn't exactly look G or PG. If you'll notice, that's the same baby in this picture as the last one... shooting lasers at people. "This movie is very religious!" says the sign at left. You'll see "Robo Mop" at top center of the movie screen. That's the moon sneezing blood at top right. You can tell by the American flag stuck in its back. Person in seat number 10 is rejecting their food. Also, I swear sometime in middle of drawing this picture, my nose started to bleed and there's a drop of blood somewhere on this drawing. The stickers at lower right indicate I was eight years old when I drew this and the picture was put up somewhere on exhibit. What? It didn't win some sorta competition?

~ Fin ~