Using Gmail to Check Your UCLA Email

UCLA email can suck sometimes because of the crappy web interface and the relatively low 75MB storage limit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the features and storage capacity of Gmail applied to your UCLA email?

Yes. Yes, it would.

[Update: If you are a UCLA alumni and want to use your lifetime forwarding to have your UCLA email forwarded to your Gmail, click HERE to read the FAQ. Click the blue “Set Up Forwarding” button. You don’t need to do anything in Gmail.]

There are two ways to do so.

Forwarding UCLA email to Gmail

One way to use Gmail to check your UCLA email is to have your UCLA email forwarded to your Gmail account. One problem with this is you’ll have to login to UCLA mail to send from that address, or if you hit “reply” to an email in Gmail, your Gmail address will be displayed in the “from” field. Another factor to consider is you’re forwarding only future emails, so what’s currently stored in your UCLA mail will stay there.

If that doesn’t sound good to you, skip down to the next section. If you’re okay with all that, here’s how to forward your UCLA email to your Gmail account:

  1. Login to your UCLA email at .
  2. Click Filters in the left-side menu.
  3. Click Forward in the top menu.
  4. Type your Gmail address in the Forwarding Address field.
  5. To keep a copy of your forwarded mail on the UCLA email server, check the checkbox labeled Keep a copy in Inbox.
    • If you do this, you may have to login to your UCLA email once in a while to delete some mail. Otherwise, the mailbox will eventually fill up over its quota and you’ll stop receiving mail.
  6. Click Save Changes

You’re done. Or

Have Gmail “grab” your UCLA email from the UCLA mail server

A more attractive option to some, is you can have Gmail pretend to be you and “grab” (that’s not a technical term) emails (including your old mail) from your UCLA email account. Doing this provides an extra feature, that you can also appear to be sending from your UCLA email account.

Be aware that having Gmail “grab” your UCLA email requires storing your UCLA email password on Gmail’s servers. Even if you trust Google to handle the information responsibly, I’m sure their servers are also a huge target for hackers.

Here’s how to set up your UCLA email in Gmail:

  1. In Gmail, go to Settings (upper right) => Accounts tab, in the row labeled “Get mail from other accounts”, click Add another mail account
  2. In the window that appears, enter your UCLA email address and go to Next Step
  3. Leave the default settings, but enter your password where indicated and you may check the unchecked options if you’d like.
    1. If you want to move all your mail (in other words, empty your UCLA email account) to your Gmail account, uncheck Leave a copy of retrieved message on server. To copy your UCLA email to your Gmail account, check this option.
  4. Click Save Changes to move on.
  5. Check Yes, I want to be able to send mail as …, unless you don’t want to. :oP Go to Next Step.
  6. Gmail will walk you through the remaining steps, which includes them sending you a verification email to your UCLA email
    • Your UCLA email may be downloaded to your Gmail as unread mail, even though they were marked as read in your UCLA mail. To search for all unread mail to mark them as read, perform a search for is:unread.

A caveat about having Gmail send “from” your UCLA email is since it’s not really sending from your UCLA email, it tries its best to pretend it is. Most email clients receiving mail from you will display it’s from your UCLA email, but sometimes people might see something like “From on behalf of” or something similar.

Deleting UCLA emails when over quota

On an unrelated note, when your UCLA mailbox is full, BOL mail ( has a quirk where it seems impossible to delete any mail. If this is the case, login to MyUCLA and use their mail interface to delete some mail until it’s below the threshold, then you can continue using BOL mail to delete more mail.

  1. hi
    it does not let me go to next step because it just let me provide gmail account in the section that asks for add another email.
    what should I do?

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